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Creative Ways to Use Illuminated Signs in Your Business

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December 22, 2023

While driving in the bustling streets of the town, illuminated signs are hard to ignore. These dazzling and bright signs are the most noticeable things from a moving vehicle. According to a survey, 85% of consumers are attracted to vibrant and colorful signs.

Illuminated signs are the best to grab your audience’s attention and leave a long-lasting impression. These signs will not only uplift your brand exposure but also help you to get a few new customers.

The best sign shops Brampton will help you to find the most effective ways to design illuminated signs for your business. The prime objective of these illuminated signs is to enhance the growth of your brand by capturing the right essence.

An illuminated sign is an imperative investment. As a business owner, you may wonder whether it will benefit your business. Well, this article describes the prime benefits of illuminated signs and highlights the ways to use these advertising elements.

Why Having A Good Business Signage Is Important?

Benefits of using illuminated signs for business

Let’s find out some of the astonishing benefits of illuminated signs.

1.  Offer 24/7 visibility

If your outdoor sign is not lighted, customers will ignore your business. Consumers will lose interest in you since your storefront is not adequately illuminated.

Even when your business is shut, an illuminated sign will work for your business. These signs offer 24/7 visibility, attracting the attention of all passersby. This increased exposure will help you attract new customers. A highly visible sign is one of the business requirements that will work for you 24/7 and help you stand out from your contenders.

2.  Minimum maintenance

The best sign company uses weather-resistant materials (that can withstand any circumstances) to produce illuminated signs. Once you purchase an LED sign, you don’t need to replace the bulbs frequently. The LED bulbs can go for nearly 50,000 hours without tarnishing the quality.

3.  Affordable

Every business owner used to consider pricing before making an investment. Illuminated signs are not only affordable, but their return on investment also surpasses the initial investment. These signs will remain with your business forever or until you consider any changes or upgrades. Keeping a sign lit overnight will not make a hole in your pocket, compared to other advertising options.

4.  Portray your brand value

Whether you are a novice player or an established one, an illuminated sign shows the brand value of your business. Since they are lit day and night, customers can easily notice and be attracted to them. It enhances your brand visibility and gives you intangible benefits. An illuminated sign's color, design, and style convey many things about your business.

People will make many assumptions about your brand by just looking at the signs. A well-crafted design delivers progressive emotions like confidence, responsiveness, and dependability. 

5.  Easily customizable

Digital signs are getting popular due to their versatility. Many brands prefer digitalized illuminated signs as they are easily programmable. You can change them strategically or even personalize them with different messages per the requirements. It gives plenty of opportunities for business owners to experiment with messages and promotions so that they can attract new customers. The add-on benefit of illuminated signs is that they can be used to test different messages to your audience.

6.  Simple yet effective

Many business owners often look for a simple lighted sign. In this case, illuminated signs are the best option for them. A light box sign will help you to overpower your contenders with its simple design. They are built with a light inside a box and a translucent panel in the front. You can also change these panels after some time.

7.  Plenty of choices

You will be blessed with many options once you go for an illuminated sign. Based on your requirements and industry, the best sign company will design impeccable outdoor signs in Brampton. Some of the popular choices could be digital LED signs and light boxes. But the markets are jam-packed with many options like lighted channel letters, illuminated pylon signs or directory signs.

8.  Easier to read even in the dark

People can conveniently read the illuminated signs even if it's not dark outside. The lighted sign glows and creates an essential contrast with its surroundings, which makes it more visible.

There should be a contrast between your sign letterings and the background. It makes it easier to read the signs, even for those who have certain visual impairments.

9.  Energy efficiency and sustainability

Advancements in technology have made illuminated signs more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. LED light consumes less energy than conventional lighting sources, minimizing operational costs and lessening your carbon footprint. By choosing illuminated signs with sustainability in mind, you contribute to a greener environment and showcase your commitment to corporate responsibility.

10.   Effective communication

Besides their visual appeal, illuminated signs are among the most essential communication tools. Whether you want to promote a special offer, launch a new product, or just convey your business hours, illuminated signs can easily communicate with your audience. Real-time updates and dynamic displays can be achieved through modern technology, further enhancing your ability to connect with customers.

Types of illumination

Once you have fixed your mind for an illuminated sign, be prepared with different types of options for illumination. Each one has its own upsides and downsides and will look slightly different.

Backlit lighting

The lighting came from the back, as the name suggests. You must install the lights behind the sign and/or the letters. It gives a glow around them. Backlit signs may not appear as bright as other options, but they are aesthetically beautiful.

Front lit lighting

Here, you need to install the lights before the letters/signs. These signs are very bright and easily noticeable. Always hire the best sign company Brampton, to make the look and feel more professional.

Light box signs

Here, the entire box is lit up. Sign letters often remain black and don't light up. Though these signs are not ideal for larger signage systems, they look stylish and modern for smaller signs.

Illuminated signs examples

Pylon Signs

These tall, robust signs are primarily used to advertise several businesses within one area. These signs can be made with backlit, front-lit, or lightbox styles.

Monument Signs

Though monument signs have many resemblances with pylon signs, they are placed lower to the ground. You need to light up these advertising signage solutions within the sign, or you may use skylights around the sign.

Channel letters

These customizable signs are attractive and perfect for both interiors and exteriors. Channel letters can be front-lit, backlit, or both!

5 Tips to Design Impactful Channel Letter Signs for Businesses

Wayfinding signs

These signs help users to find their way through your building. Interior signs like room numbers, office identification, washroom signs, etc., are examples of wayfinding. You can illuminate these wayfinding signs to stand out from the rest.


The world of business signage is not just about visibility—it's about making an enduring impression on your customers. Illuminated signs offer a dynamic and creative edge that excels the ordinary. Whether adorning your storefront, guiding customers through a fantastic interior, or exhibiting your brand in a new light, these radiant beacons have the power to transform your business.

At Sign Depot, we will help you design the best illuminated signs for your business. Whether you seek a small sign or want to refurbish the entire look of your building, we are there for you.

We are the best sign company in Brampton and other surrounding areas. We embrace our clients with various signage solutions, installation, and maintenance.


Which gas is used in illuminated signs?

Though neon or argon is the most commonly used gas, krypton, xenon, and helium are preferred by craftsmen for unique purposes.  These gases are not used in normal signs.

What is another name for illuminated signs?

Illuminated signs are often called light box signs or cabinet signs. They come up with aluminium, four-sided boxes with either one or two sign faces. They are commonly used for the face of the building or as a monument sign.

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