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Monument Signs that Make a Bold Statement for Your Brand

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What are Monument Signs?

The monument sign, which can be made of stone, concrete, or metal, serves as a gateway to a business or community.

Signs like these are often seen at the entrances to educational institutions, housing developments, government buildings, commercial properties, and healthcare facilities.

Besides enhancing brand visibility, these signs also create a welcoming atmosphere to create a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Monument signs can make a positive impression if they are well-designed and strategically positioned.


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    Types of Monument Signs

    Classic Monument Sign for St. Joseph Catholic Church & School

    Classic Monument Signs 

    These signs are made from stone, metal, or brick and they are architectural structures that serve as a focal point for businesses.

    Classic monument signs are placed at the entrance of a property or along a road, making them highly visible.

    For businesses looking to establish a strong brand presence, these signs are a popular choice.

    Architectural Monument Signs 

    The goal of architectural monument signs is to serve both as marketing tools and as a way to enhance the visual appeal of the property.

    The design of these signs incorporates architectural elements into a subset of classic monument signs.

    These signs create a harmonious visual experience for any business, whether located in a modern urban setting or a historical district.

    Architectural Monument Signs for Black Hills National Forest
    Modern Monument Signs for DELMAR in Brampton

    Modern Monument Signs

    The modern monument sign is often positioned at eye level or above ground level as a freestanding structure.

    One of the key benefits of these signs is their emphasis on aesthetics.

    By combining form and function, they create a powerful visual representation of your brand that not only captures attention but also communicates your company's values and personality.

    Directory and Wayfinding Monument Signs

    These signs are architectural structures designed to provide essential information and guide individuals to specific locations within a facility or outdoor space.

    Directory and wayfinding monument signs made from stone, metal, and plastic.

    These signs help businesses to assist visitors and to create a positive impression.

    Wayfinding Monument Signs for Badlands National Park in Brampton

    What is The Cost of Monument Signs?

    The cost of monument signs depends on size, materials, and installation. We are one of the best sign companies in Brampton, Ontario, and we offer full services of signage solutions for your business needs.

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    Want to Elevate Your Brand Personality with Monument Signs?

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