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Discover Custom Channel Letter Signs For A Simple Yet Bold Look

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Planning to start a new business under a standard budget? Signs Depot is one of the best signage companies in Toronto that focuses on creating quality signage under a specific budget. Apart from other outdoor signs, Signs Depot produces channel letter signs to make your brand name known, even before the first inauguration.

Why to Choose Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are simple yet bold exterior signs useful for any business type.

It combines each letter of your brand name to form a new sign.


  • The structure of the channel letter signs is usually 3-dimensional so that the sign looks bulged out and more visible.
  • These exterior business signs are well-lit with LED lights to enhance the look and seem visible even at night.
  • Channel letter signs are further designed in 3 different ways: Front-lit, back-lit, and reverse-lit.


    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of Channel Letters

    Front-Lit Channel Letters Sign for Idealab in Brampton

    Front-Lit Channel Letters

    Front-lit channel letters are one of the most striking signs suitable for cafes, restaurants, or fashion events.

    Signs Depot makers believe in creating a sign that matches a brand’s culture. Alongside, these signs are equipped with LED or neon lights that further announce your brand name loud and clear.

    What you Get:

    • Good visibility of your brand name
    • Integration of LED lights means minimum loss of electricity.
    • The use of LED lights ensures a safe environment.
    • Use of Aluminum-like strong metals.

    Back-lit channel letters

    Back-lit channel letter signs look the same as front-lit letter signs. The only difference here is in the position of LED lights.

    Instead of putting across the lights from the front, our makers fit them at the back. This is majorly done for a business that wants to avoid flashiness while still maintaining a vibrant look.

    What you Get:

    • A mix of simple yet bold design
    • It makes your Brand name visible even at a distance with a halo effect
    • Use of aluminium and stainless steel materials.
    Indoor Halo-Lit Channel Letters for Stores
    Vibrant Front-Lit Channel Letters for Robbin's

    Reverse Channel Letter Signs

    Quite distinctively, reverse channel letter signs are highly in demand for businesses that like experimenting with different lights.

    Instead of keeping a front-lit or back-lit as a standalone option, buyers can choose different colour lights for the front face and back face.

    We also customise the colour contrast look to make your brand name look even more appealing.

    What you Get:

    • A colour contrast brand image that looks rich and vibrant.
    • Custom reverse channel letter signs
    • Option to choose different materials
    • Sustainable option with the use of sustainable aluminium and acrylic materials.

    Open-face Channel Letter Signs

    Typically, these types of signs do not use LED lights but traditional neon lights. Apparently, neon bulbs are costly which makes these signs an affordable option for large business spending.

    The reason why open-face channel letter signs are still in demand is their neat and clear front face. Since all neon lights here fit inside the acrylic material, you will hardly see any cast or halo effect with open-face channel signs.

    What you Get:

    • No light in the front face makes it useful during the daylight.
    • Good for heavy-budget businesses
    • Guarantee replacement after 48 hours of use
    Open-Faced Custom Channel Letters in Brampton

    Uses of Channel Letters

    Channel letters are largely in demand for businesses that see sustainable development as a sign of business success. Since most of the channel letter signs place LED or neon lights, it becomes imperative for brands to focus on surroundings and promote non-polluting materials even at their initial stage.

    Having said that businesses from all over Canadian cities come to us to serve their needs. With that understanding, here are some businesses that use channel letters to keep their best foot forward.

    • Resort
    • Hotel
    • Cafes
    • Music Studios
    • Events
    • theme -based Parties

    What is the Cost of Channel Letters?

    The cost of channel letter signs is based on the type of sign, size, and materials because every sign is different and has different functionality.

    At Signs Depot, we provide complete solutions for channel letters according to your business needs, contact us now to get a free consultation for your business.

    Let your Business Lead the Way with Channel Letters

    If you are looking for signs that help your business to place a long-lasting impression on your audience, then Signs Depot offers channel letters signs in Brampton, Ontario to help your business.

    As the leading sign company, Signs Depot provides each and every type of sign according to your business needs and budget. Let us create the business signs that give you years of benefits. If you want to start your signage journey call us now and get a free consultation from our sign experts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of different mounting techniques do you use while installing channel letter signs?

    Our technicians use the rail mounting method which is much cost efficient and does not put more pressure on the building.

    How durable are channel letters in harsh weather conditions?

    Most of the channel letter sign types with SignsDepot are weather-resistant and eco-friendly. We prefer aluminium and stainless steel materials that can sustain both windy cold nights and harsh UV rays.

    What is a reverse channel letter?

    Reverse channel letters have LED lights at the back of each letter. These types of signs are useful to create a bright look and make the wall illuminate as well.

    How beneficial are custom channel letter signs for any business?

    The channel letter signs are great for any type of business as these signs feature bold size letters which are easily readable. Also, the large size of the signs helps people to see them clearly even in a crowd.

    How do you put lights on channel letter signs?

    We have an expert team who specializes in using plastic or metal enclosures to fix up the lights to prevent any falls. You can reach out to us to find out more.

    Do you offer after-sale services after installation?

    Yes, Certainly. Our team is a call away to assist you with 24/7 support in times when further repairs or maintenance is required from both ends.

    What is the difference between raceway and wireway?

    Raceways and wireways are both used as mounting structures for channel letters. Both of them make moving and removing your channel letters simpler. But their encasement is what makes them unique. Wireways are typically only made up of wires and are slimmer and narrower. Conversely, raceways may include both wiring and electrical components.

    How long do channel letter signs last?

    Nowadays, LED or neon lighting is used to illuminate many channel letter signs. Depending on how often the light is used, LED bulbs have a life expectancy of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which translates to 13–15 years, and are safer than neon bulbs. This expectation could still change based on other outside variables. To learn more about this, get in touch with us at (647) 763-9173.

    How do you put LED lights on a channel letter?

    Using LED lights, you can illuminate your sign in a number of different ways. These lights are mounted with the other lighting components on a plastic or metal enclosure. Make an appointment for a consultation with one of our knowledgeable experts to find out more.

    Will illuminated channel letters last outside?

    Durability is a benefit of channel letters because they are typically made of aluminum. While these signs are typically made of sturdy materials, which are strong enough to withstand various weather conditions and other external factors, they are also lightweight.

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