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5 Tips to Design Impactful Channel Letter Signs for Businesses

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February 27, 2023
Lighted Channel Letter Signs for Business

Channel letter signs can be some of the most effective signs when they're properly designed. Get the most impact from your channel letters with these tips.
Bold, emphatic business signs, such as channel letters standing out in stark relief from a building, signify enthusiasm, commitment, and performance by the business below them. Clear, brand-oriented, color-keyed lettering and a logo should be a primary marketing focus for any business. For a good portion of your client base, the high visibility of channel sign letters will be how they found you.
When you’re ready to install these signs, here are some guidelines to follow for maximum impact from your investment.

Mounting Channel Letter Signs
Business signs mount securely to a building using standard construction parts with installation methods that vary to suit differing needs.
Channel letters are made from durable, inexpensive materials such as lexan, acrylic, metal and other tough materials. They have a face, a body or return, backing, and lighting. Their versatility provides several choices for mounting.
• Raceway or signboard mounting uses a flat, painted box behind the letters, which holds electrical parts and wiring for channel letter signs.
• Flush mounting, sometimes called hanging, mounts channel letters directly to the building surface.
• Floating or back-mounted signs are raised off the surface, providing space for light behind the sign.

Lighting Channel Letters
The types of available lighting have a huge effect on the total impact of a sign. There are four main types of channel sign letters, each made a certain way to provide a certain lighting effect.

  1. Open front or open-lit signs are made with no front surface, so that exposed lighting inside the letters, usually neon or LED, is clearly visible from the front when the sign lights up.
  2. Front and back-lit channel letters light a colored front surface and have floating mounts for lighting behind the sign for a contrasting glow.
  3. Front-lit signs light the front surface of the channel sign letters.
  4. Halo-lit lettering uses floating back mounts, lighting between the sign and building for a glowing effect.

What Size Channel Letters Do You Need?
Readability is the top priority here. There are limits to the useful size of any sign. Channel letter signs need to be easy to read from a distance, but small enough to have wall space around them for contrast.
Determine how far away your business is usually seen from. Check other companies in similar locations, and note which signs are easiest to read. Take photos of your building for comparison from several approaches and locations. Make your channel letters similar sizes to those you liked, accounting for the building material and sign colors you're working with.

Choose A Clear Typeface
Stay away from crazy fonts when you choose channel letter fonts. The purpose of channel letter signs is to attract business from a distance, so they need to be clearly readable.

Channel Letter Placement
Remember, your sign needs to be seen from as many angles as possible. Choose sign placement carefully, maximizing visibility from every angle of approach.

Call the Channel Letter Experts
To ensure successful channel letter installation, call Signs Depot in Brampton today at (647) 763 9173 or contact us online. Based on industry experience and expertise, we’ll design the sign, and advise you on the best choices for your specific business.

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