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Custom Awning Signs that Expand The Power Of Visual Impact

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Awnings do not only provide shelter to your business. Even businesses can use awnings to add space, and shelter and promote your business. Signs Depot is a clear example of why businesses succeed with custom awnings. We embark on a journey to provide the best awning signs in Toronto to meet high-end goals.

Why Choose Awning Signs?

The awning signs are fabric covers that are often attached outside the main gate of a business. These awnings use custom signs to promote a business or a new sale offering.


  • The use of flexible vinyl, acrylic, and canvas creates a perfect awning shape
  • Provides shelter, adds comfortable space, and looks attractive.
  • A great alternative to traditional signs.


    What type of signage are you looking for?


    An awning or canopy sign is an impactful way to make your storefront look more sophisticated. These outdoor signs are fully customizable with color and design choices that fit the needs of any business in Brampton. A highly visible custom-printed PVC awning can help you stand out from competitors while also attracting new clients who want what you have to offer.

    Don't wait to create a sign that works overtime for you, contact us now for outstanding solutions tailored specifically around how we'll boost visibility and create lasting impressions by building relationships one customer at a time.

    Types of Awning Signs

    The cost of an awning sign depends on the material and design. There's vinyl, polyester fabric (for example), cotton canvas or even shade cloth that you can choose from to bring your vision into reality!

    Storefront awning signs are available in different styles. It is important to choose one that matches your brand theme while fulfilling its function for the business. Here are some of the most common types:

    1. Concave Awnings

    2. Convex Awnings

    3. Dome Awnings

    4. Retractable awnings

    Retractable awnings— another prominent type of awnings—are an excellent way to protect against the elements for your storefront. They can be set up in various ways, depending on what you need them for—whether that's protecting from rain or sun!

    The best part about these types of signs? You don't have long stretches where they're out all day; instead only extend them when necessary.

    Front-Lit Channel Letters Sign for Idealab in Brampton

    Concave Awnings

    Concave awnings are the type of awnings with an inward curving shape. This not only makes them look beautiful but they also add depth to the building structure.

    What you Get:

    • Clear and beautiful branding.
    • Enhances the business exteriors.
    • Best for promotions with a custom feature to change colour, design or add other graphics.
    • Adds shelter space for people and your business.
    • Guarantee weather protection against rough weather.

    Convex Awnings

    Unlike Concave awnings, convex awnings in business appear in the convex curve style. These are also known as rounded awnings and give more shade in comparison to other awnings.

    What you Get:

    • Better visibility.
    • Get more space to print large business names.
    • Additional space for adding graphics and taglines.
    • Weatherproof to avoid direct UV rays.
    • Helps to avoid cooling costs during summer.
    Indoor Halo-Lit Channel Letters for Stores
    Vibrant Front-Lit Channel Letters for Robbin's

    Dome Awnings

    As the name would appear, dome awnings take the shape of a dome to mark the impression among competitors.

    Signs Depot team ensures reliable and timeless design for creating these semi-circular awnings.

    What you Get:

    • Classic Designs
    • Adds a traditional touch to a modern building.
    • Suitable for hotels, historic places or art stores.
    • Custom theme-based architectural style options.
    • Creates a cooling space inside the building to maximise visitor’s experience.

    Retractable awnings

    The retractable awnings have an adjustable feature where you manually adjust the length of the awning. With this feature, you also have an option to adjust the length during different seasons.

    What you Get:

    • Easy custom options as per the awning length.
    • Suitable for both commercial and residential use.
    • Adaptability to different fabrics.
    • Motorized and manual options.
    • Protection from sun and rain.
    • Lasts for many years.
    Open-Faced Custom Channel Letters in Brampton

    Uses for Awning Signs

    Awning signs layer over the top of awnings to create a long-lasting impression and to mark the dominance over the place. Essentially, they are used for residential homes or storefronts with the aim of attracting the best customers.

    • Advertisement: Businesses use large spaces in awning signs to display their products or services. Additionally, it can be a useful medium to show any offers or discounts to get public attention.
    • Branding: Businesses may use awnings to print logos, graphics or theme-based images of an event that resonates with the product or services.
    • Custom options: Most of the awning signs by SignsDepot are tailored in a way that suits the business needs. Apart from having different types of awning signs, we also provide illuminated signs for low-light conditions.

    High-Quality Awning Signs Near Me

    Get your customized highly durable awning signs with Signs Depot's free consultation service. You may also request an estimate of quotes to get an idea of our service charges.

    Our dedicated team efforts push us to strive for better each day. And so, our services include consultation, sketching, designing, manufacturing, site evaluation and after-sale maintenance to avoid any issues thereafter.

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