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Is hiring a professional to install outdoor signs too costly for your business? Trust Signs Depot’s premium service that aims to offer quality services under the customer’s budget. Our core expertise is to make outdoor signs that define your brand in style.

What Are Outdoor Signs?

As the name suggests, business premises place exterior signs outside the building to advertise their products.

Whether you are stepping into the business for the very first time or have a promotional event or a grand celebration, we cover custom outdoor signs for your business.


  • Enhance outdoor aesthetics.
  • Availability of different types of channel letter signs, pylon signs, digital display signs, awnings, plaques and metal signs.
  • Helps to feature both large and small advertisements.
  • Durable and recyclable materials.
  • Best to attract foot traffic

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    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of Outdoor Signs for Business

    Three-dimensional Exterior Lighted Signs for Movie

    Channel Letter Signs

    Searching for an exterior sign that compliments your cafe design or a commercial space? Pick channel letter signs as your go-to option.

    Channel letter signs are a combination of letters from your business name that are put together to create a sign.

    Our experts use eco-friendly aluminium, acrylic, LED lights, and metal-like materials to ensure no harm to the environment.

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    Monument Signs

    Want a different yet easier visibility for your business? Look no further as monument signs are built on the ground catching every eye.

    Interestingly, monument signs are a unique way to show who you are and what you do.

    Monument signs are useful for any business that has enough space as these signs lay on the ground with the support of stones and bricks.

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    Architectural Monument Signage for Mount Rushmore
    Pylon Sign for Gas Station in Brampton

    Pylon Signs

    Does your business suffer from low foot traffic due to crowded streets?Pylon signs will turn all the heads to your business.

    Pylon signs are 7-foot tall vertical signs that stand with 1 or 2 poles at the back. They are extremely useful if your business surrounds busy commercial streets.

    Alongside, pylon signs help to navigate a person to a specific business location.

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    Digital Display Panels

    Want to connect to a large GenZ generation? Build your business with Digital display signs to get more attention.

    SignsDepot offers digital displays like interactive displays and LED display signs within a standard budget.

    Alongside, we have an expert team who manages these high-end display signs to promote a special offering, sales or live event for your business.

    Outdoor Digital Display Panels in Brampton
    Awning Signs for Restaurant by Signs Depot

    Awning Signs

    Apart from being different from other outdoor signs, the awning adds a great impression of a modern yet comforting space that resists any breezy rains or harsh sunlight.

    With SignsDepot, you can customise a plain-looking awning as per the business personality to put across any message or business name over it.

    Interestingly, awnings are cut through large fabric or canvas to ensure long-term use.

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    Plaques and Outdoor Metal Signs

    Exploring other options for outdoor signs? Then, metal plaques are also one of the most versatile yet beautiful signs for the outdoors.

    We understand your needs and customise these metal plaques according to the design, structure, and chosen area.

    Our experts at Signs Depot choose high-quality metals in addition to protective sealing to prevent rust or direct heat.

    Personalized Outdoor Metal Signs for Quinture

    Cost of Outdoor Business Signs

    SignsDepot offers a variety of outdoor signs for new or existing businesses. However, the costs associated with outdoor business signs depend largely on the following factors

    • Size:The size of the outdoor signs can impact the pricing as bigger size requires more material and more labour.
    • Types of Material: Depending on the outdoor signs, materials can also contribute to the costs. So, while digital displays and vinyl can be a little costly, other materials like steel, acrylic, and wood can be an easy investment.
    • Customization:If you want to align with your brand culture, you may want to spend on custom options which can add up the costs.
    • Permit costs: You may also have to incur additional permission expenses to obtain the necessary documents for installing specific exterior business signs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to communicate with your team for consultation?
    You may contact us over the given phone number on our website or schedule an appointment by writing to us at
    What is the average cost of outdoor signs?

    The average costs for outdoor signs may range anywhere between a few hundred to $4000 CAD, depending on your requirements.

    How do you ensure the longevity of any type of outdoor sign?

    We use high-quality metals, vinyl, aluminium, and acrylic properly sealed by our experts. We use heavy-duty UV-protective sealings, coatings, and other materials to enhance the material life.

    What are the best outdoor signs for a retail shop?

    It largely depends on the location and budget of the retail shop to find the best outdoor signs.

    You can use pylon signs to get noticeable if your shop is situated on narrow streets with busy surroundings. However, if you are maintaining a certain budget but still want a simple design, then look for channel letter signs.

    How do you ensure proper installation of outdoor signage for all-size businesses?

    We ensure a timely site evaluation service to check the location, and surroundings and look for necessary zoning permits in your area.

    Where can I find an outdoor Sign Company In Brampton?

    SignsDepot is a place where you get superior-quality outdoor signs. Each of these signs has a custom design and is built with durable materials for long-term use.

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