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Signage Trends in Canadian Healthcare Facilities

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May 17, 2024

Have you ever been to a Canadian healthcare centre and encountered difficulties finding your way? Well, you are not alone. Clear and effective signage is paramount in such a delicate environment where every moment matters. But how are Canadian healthcare systems coping with the challenge of guiding individuals through their intricate layouts? We will unravel the answers by exploring the latest signage trends in Canadian healthcare facilities.

Signage plays a crucial role in every sector; the same goes for the healthcare system. Signage makes communication easier, effective, and clear for both hospitals and patients. Once you install signs throughout your healthcare facility in Canada, they support your staff. In healthcare, signs not only enhance your brand visibility and awareness but also create an engaging patient experience. They improve initiatives and make the work environment safer and more productive.

Hospitals in Canada often need to share essential information with patients and visitors, such as services, safety information, advice or tips, wellness awareness, etc. They can be more tactical with effective signage solutions in terms of the information they display and when and where they do so. With the help of the right signage, updates can be easier, simpler, and even in real-time.

Let's take a look at some prominent signage trends that are shaping the healthcare industry in Canada.

Wayfinding Innovation:

It’s always a nerve-racking task to navigate in a healthcare centre, especially when you are stressed due to health issues.

Signs (especially digital signage solutions) can rescue you from this situation. Digital signage with interactive maps, touchscreen kiosks, and mobile apps is becoming more popular in public places. These signs are infused with the latest technologies, making navigation easier in hospitals.

Now, visitors or patients can input their destination and receive step-by-step guidance. These signs not only improve convenience but also minimize anxiety and reduce the likelihood of getting lost in hospitals' labyrinthine landscapes.

Accessible design:

Accessibility is another important criterion that you need to consider while designing healthcare signage. In Canada, where inclusivity is a fundamental value, signage must cater to individuals with diverse needs, including those with disabilities.

Braille signage, tactile maps, and audible directions are vital features that you need to incorporate into your signage design so that everyone can comfortably and independently move inside healthcare facilities.

Moreover, pay attention to color, typography, and fonts of signs. Use high color contrast, bold fonts, and pictograms so that people with visual impairments or language barriers can navigate with confidence and poise.

Patient-centric Communication

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in patient safety, contentment, and engagement.

Signs are the primary contact through which hospitals and clinics can convey vital information to patients and their families. Modern signage trends like digital signs focus more on patient-centric communication by allowing real-time content and clear and crisp messaging.

From any promotional (health-related) to appointment reminders and safety guidelines, signage is a conduit for strengthening patient empowerment and endorsing proactive healthcare strategies.

Branding and identity:

In this competition-driven era, every company focuses on branding to establish its identity. The healthcare sector is also viewed as a consumer-driven industry. Hospitals and clinics pay attention to branding to shape patients' and visitors' perceptions of their services.

Signage portrays a hospital's true brand identity and values in front of its consumers. Canadian healthcare centres are focusing more on unified signage systems that align with their brand persona and messaging.

By using the same colors, logos, and typography for signs across all touchpoints, they are strengthening brand recognition. Unified healthcare branding improves the overall patient experience by creating a sense of familiarity and faith.

Consult the best sign shop to create informational and enthralling healthcare signage that portrays a unified brand experience.

 Flexibility and adaptability:

The healthcare sector is evolving daily with new technological advancements and innovations. From restorations to department relocations, the layout of healthcare centres changes over time. So, healthcare signs should be flexible enough to accommodate these changes effortlessly.

Hospitals and clinics prefer to use modular signage systems for easy reconfiguration and any updates. These systems come up with standard components that can be modified as per the requirements of the facility.

Digital signs are also advantageous when you prefer real-time updates and tailor-made content. Canadian hospitals are harnessing the power of digital signs to display dynamic wayfinding information, emergency alerts, event schedules, and promotional messages. They can even manage the content remotely or make changes according to the circumstances.

Hospitals are also interested in deploying temporary signage solutions during renovations, construction, or momentary changes in facility layout. The ideal signage solutions could be portable signs, banners, or adhesive decals that can be quickly installed and removed as per the requirements (without damaging the surface).

Canada is a multi-population country, so healthcare signs should include multilingual elements to ensure accessibility all, irrespective of their language and literacy level. In this context, digital signs are the best that can switch between languages based on consumer preferences.

Safety and compliance:

Every healthcare facility should pay attention to the safety and well-being of patients, visitors, and staff.

Indoor signs play a noteworthy role in communicating the right safety guidelines, emergency procedures, and regulatory information. Canadian healthcare centres should abide by the safety standards and regulations, requiring signage that follows codes such as the National Building Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

By focusing on safety and compliance, healthcare facilities show their commitment and duty towards society.

Environmental sustainability:

These days, every sector is looking for sustainability approaches. According to the statistics from the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions, more than two-thirds (68.4%) of Canadian companies have adopted at least one environmental or green practice during 2023. The Canadian healthcare sector is not left behind, and hospitals are adopting eco-friendly signage solutions.

 They prefer to use environment-friendly signage materials like wood or bamboo, energy-efficient digital displays, etc. These healthcare centres are exploring innovative ways to reduce their environmental footprint.  However, they are not discarding conventional signage solutions that seamlessly meet the needs of patients, visitors, and staff.


In the diverse settings of Canadian healthcare facilities, signage is not only limited to wayfinding—it's a cornerstone of communication, safety, and identity.

By adopting popular signage trends, hospitals and clinics can uplift the overall patient experience and strengthen their commitment to excellence in care delivery. The healthcare industry is flourishing rapidly; the role of signage in structuring the future has become more patient-centric.

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The healthcare industry in Canada is flooded by common signage trends such as digital signage for dynamic information updates, wayfinding signage for easy navigation, and patient-centred designs for an improved experience.

Healthcare facilities in Canada can stay informed by engaging with industry publications, attending conferences, collaborating with signage companies like Signs Depot and observing innovative practices in other healthcare settings.

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