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Safety Signs: What signs does your business need in Toronto?

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April 23, 2024
Safety Signs: What signs does your business need in Toronto?

Every business, regardless of its size and industry, should ensure the safety of its employees and visitors so that its operations run smoothly. As one of the most famous metropolises, Toronto should adhere to all safety standards to mitigate workplace hazards.

Safety business signs in Toronto are the most effective way to minimize workplace hazards. These signs are not only visually appealing but also guide individuals in the right direction and promote a safer environment inside your office.

The government of Ontario has also mentioned specific sign safety guidelines that every business should follow to run their business operation smoothly across the province.

This article focuses on what safety signs businesses need to install at their premises (as mentioned by the government) and what more signs they should consider implementing to make workplaces safe and wholesome.

The signage rules set by CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)
Do you run a business in Ontario, Canada? Then, check what signs your business needs to display to generate awareness and promote a safer workplace (as per the Federal government).

  • Your business should display the standard posters of "Health & Safety at Work" and "In Case of Injury" throughout the premises.
  • Your organization needs to display a copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the business’ specific health and safety policy to generate awareness and safety among employees and visitors.
  • Don’t forget to display the names and locations of joint health and safety committee (JHSC) members throughout the office complexes.
  • If there is any relevant government order, your business should display copies of that particular order.
  • Your company must also place documents for biological/chemical/physical agents or airborne designated substances.

These are the minimum signage requirements that every Ontario business must follow. Now, let's examine what other signs your organization can implement to mitigate workplace hazards.

1.Emergency Exit Signs

Emergencies can know your door without any prior notice. So, businesses should be prepared in every possible way to tackle these situations. Clear and illuminated exit signs could be a lifesaver in an emergency. An organization needs to strategically place these signs inside its premises so that it can easily guide employees and visitors to the nearest exit. While installing emergency signs, you should follow the local building codes and fire safety regulations. You also need to maintain these signs and test their lighting systems to ensure that they work properly during critical moments.

2. Fire Extinguisher Signs

Fire safety is paramount for any company while operating in Ontario. Every company should opt for clearly marked fire extinguisher signs at their premises. These signs not only indicate the exact location but also provide guidelines on proper usage.

An organization also has the responsibility of training employees to operate fire extinguishers and mitigate the risk of disasters.

3. No Smoking Signs

Do you run a business in an enclosed workplace or public space in Toronto? Then, you should opt for these signs.

Every organization should create designated smoking zones and forbid smoking in non-designated areas. Only in this way, they can maintain a healthy and safe work environment for all.  No-smoking signs not only act as a reminder of this policy but also prevent fire hazards and exposure to secondhand smoke.

4. First Aid Signs

Workplace accidents can happen anytime with anyone. Every organization should install first aid signs to indicate the location of first aid box kits and other medical supplies. Quick access to first aid boxes and other healthcare supplies will minimize the severity of injuries and also save lives.

5. Hazard Warning Signs

Hazard warning signs are also an integral part of your business as they alert individuals about the nearest potential dangers. These signs vary depending on the nature of the hazard, such as electrical hazards, slippery floors, or chemical exposure risks. After conducting a thorough risk assessment, a company should identify potential hazards and consult the best sign company for creating these hazard signs.

6. Mandatory Safety Signs

Mandatory safety signs enhance personal safety. Examples include wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), using hearing protection in boisterous environments, or adopting proper hygiene measures. These signs should be installed according to government policies to prevent accidents and injuries.

7. Restricted Area Signs

Sometimes, businesses have certain areas prone to specific risks; thus, they require restricted access. Restricted area signs convey these restrictions properly, preventing unlawful entry and possible accidents. Whether your office has a hazardous storage area or a restricted machinery zone, these signs offer a safer environment.

8. Slippery Surface Signs

When we talk about workplace injuries, nearly 25% of employees/visitors experience slip and fall injuries.  To prevent such incidents, companies should quickly address wet or slippery surfaces and place adequate warning signage solutions. Slippery surface signs indicate all potential hazards and encourage employees and visitors to take necessary caution.

9. Construction Zone Signs

Do you run a construction business in Toronto? Your business often faces renovation or restoration work that demands construction zone signs to avoid mishaps. These signs alert employees and visitors of ongoing construction works, possible hazards, and alternate routes, providing a safer environment.

10. Security Signs

Companies need to prioritize security measures in addition to safety signs to ensure a competent work environment. Security signs, such as CCTV surveillance notices and alarm system indicators, discourage possible threats and offer assurance to tenants.

Points to be remembered while installing security signs

When planning for safety signs, don't ignore the following concerns.

  • Your signage should be clear and visible from afar.
  • Though you can go for safety custom signs, ensure that they adhere to local guidelines and regulations.
  • Always go for durable signs that can withstand the harsh weather conditions in Toronto.


Safety signs are requisite for promoting a secure and safe workplace environment in Toronto. By recognizing possible hazards, conveying vital information, and directing employees/visitors to safety resources, companies can alleviate risks and safeguard their most valuable belongings—their employees and visitors.
You also need to maintain these safety signs properly so that they will remain effective and work in the best possible ways. Are you looking for safety signs for your workplace in Toronto? You should contact Signs Depot, a renowned sign shop that caters to all your signage requirements.

We offer indoor, outdoor, digital, channel letter, pylon, monument, and lobby signs in Toronto. Our signs are durable and compelling, fostering a sense of awareness and responsibility within the workplace. When you are concerned about the safety of your workplace, trust a full-fledged signage company like Signs Depot.

  • Are there any penalties for not having proper safety signs in Toronto businesses?
    If you run a business in Toronto and don't meet the safety regulations, you will be penalized or face legal consequences. Moreover, inadequate safety signage may increase the risks of accidents and damages, leading to potential liability issues for companies.
  • What if my company uses multiple languages?
    If your business operates in several languages apart from English, your company needs to install mandatory signs in an understandable format. When putting an emergency sign in your office, try to use multiple language formats so that everyone can understand.
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