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Interior Signage: Blending Aesthetics and Functionality

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December 29, 2023

A business with no sign is more like a sign of no business. Whether you have just launched your corporate office building or hotel or want to revamp your existing interior signage, business signs will certainly take your company to a new height. A survey also claimed that nearly 60% of businesses noticed an improvement in their sales by changing the design of their in-house signs.

Do you want to create a sign that not only fortifies your brand but also resonates with your customer’s requirements? Consider investing in custom interior signage from the best sign shop in Toronto.  From ordinary to extraordinary, explore the magic of interior signs in Toronto with the best sign company.

What is Interior Signage?

The role of interior signage for your business is undeniable. It not only exhibits your brand value but also popularizes your products. From giving a heartfelt welcome to your consumers to guiding your visitors around your premises, interior signage is as important as the exterior one.

Interior signage is used to help your customers as they invest in your products or services. Interior signage requires an in-depth understanding of multiple factors, such as the number of signs, types of materials, brand goals and guidelines, and client expectations. It includes everything from leaflets about individual products to large signs to point customers toward what they are looking for.

Products to organize information, such as literature stands, are important as they help you to present your brand well. Other products, such as poster frames, can be purchased in colors and finishes to reflect your branding, which builds familiarity and loyalty with customers.

The purpose of interior signage is to assure your customers are kept well-informed on everything your business has to offer. Items such as snap frames are suitable for Interior Signage. They are waterproof, meaning your posters will not be destroyed by rain, and the snap closure makes them difficult to steal or vandalize.

Apart from snap frames, other interior signage products are available in secure waterproof alternatives. 

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Types of interior signage

There are different types of Interior Signage, but here are the six most important interior signs every office requires.

Lobby signs: There are multiple ways to incorporate signage into your building's lobby. Some of the most common indoor office signs consist of lobby plaques, door signs, and acrylic, metal, and 3D lobby signs. Top location suggestions are in front of your lobby reception desk and on the wall directly behind it. With your company logo front and centre, customers will quickly know where they are.

Directional Signs: They provide customers and employees with clear, concise directions on how to find where they are going. Ordering custom directional signs is an excellent opportunity to reinforce your brand throughout the building. Create coordinating designs that incorporate your company's style and color palette—do not settle for generic signage that everyone has seen a million times.

Wall wraps & Decals: Custom wall graphics are incredibly reliable and popular and can be used as a branding tool, decorative item, or to communicate a message. You can conveniently build your brand y with wall wraps.

Interior Banners: Do you have a constrained advertising budget? Interior banners could be the most cost-effective way to portray your information to the audience. You can convey temporary announcements and seasonal messages with office banners. Interior office signs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they are completely customizable. Plus, they are easy to hang and convenient to store.

ADA Signs: According to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations, all restrooms, numbered rooms, floor numbers, vending areas, emergency exits, and accessible parking must have compliant signage. It helps all disabled customers and employees to navigate their way around your building, particularly in an emergency. Keeping your office compliant with ADA regulations will reduce legal liability and ensure everyone entering the building is accommodated and safe.

Environmental Graphics: They are beneficial for enhancing the user experience through the visual communication of ideas in an office space. They can be applied to offices, businesses, and other types of commercial buildings. Different versions of the interior environmental design include wall and glass graphics, themed and branded environments, and exhibition design.

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Interior signage considerations

Needs assessment

The needs assessment establishes the general scope of the project, its budget, and its 'Big Idea' to effectively determine the project's needs and successfully determine the ideal signage solution. To ensure a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, this phase will also uncover any possible risks and prospective solutions.

Moreover, this stage develops, identifies, and realizes a signage program by providing solutions that meet ADA and code regulations, resolve wayfinding and visitor directional challenges, communicate brand identity, address documentation needs, and realize on-site product installation.

Wayfinding Design & Complex Graphics

It is important to have clear brand guidelines or design concepts completed to ensure signage and wayfinding align with the brand and space's overall look and feel.

Creating a wayfinding system, a themed environment, or a comprehensive branded experience requires design considerations and specific attention to sight lines, traffic patterns, human behaviour, usability issues, accessibility, guest experience, manufacturing, materials, and more.

For creating visually appealing and successful wayfinding signage, try to abide by the rules of the “Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG)” and the local regulations.

Fabrication & installation

From custom, one-of-a-kind architectural interior signs to large-scale signs and graphics, fabrication and installation can be narrowly tailored to a project's specific brand, needs and aesthetics with computerized design and manufacturing. Consider a wide array of fabrication equipment and a comprehensive painting and metal finishing range for a customized look and feel. If not precisely installed, the best design, planning, and signage products have limited value. A good signage installation team not only installs the signage properly but also follows the rules and regulations of the local, state and ADA for safety purposes.

Work with a professional

It is a strenuous job to manage every step of signage, from design to installation and maintenance. Thus, you should work with the best sign shop in Toronto for any kind of interior signage. They will not only manage everything within the stipulated period but also will provide you with unprecedented design and quality for your interior signs.


Do you want to take your business to the apogee? You should consider investing in good quality interior signs that will strengthen your brand value in front of the customers. In this context, you should consult Signs Depot, the best sign shop in Toronto.

As pioneers in this field, we have plenty of experience in all types of signs, including interior, exterior, custom, business, etc. To check the portfolio, please visit our website.


What are the aesthetic and functional aspects of design?

An unprecedented signage design conserves the balance between look and purpose. The core objective of the aesthetic part is to improve the visual look of your business and arouse emotions, while the functional part tries to meet the users’ requirements.

Why is interior signage important?

A meticulously built interior signage elevates the look of your space, portrays the right message in front of your customers, boosts sales, and creates loyal customers. Business owners are trying to utilize the benefits of signage so that their employees, vendors, customers, etc., can get a good impression of their brands.

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