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Exploring the Types of Outdoor Advertising: Which Ones Capture Your Attention?

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May 31, 2024

Outdoor advertising is the most buzzing word in the realm of branding and advertising. Marketers are investing a humongous amount in outdoor advertising to grab audiences’ attention. According to statistics, 70% of consumers make purchase decisions influenced by roadside advertisements.

When you step outside the streets of Toronto, what types of outdoor signs grab your attention first? Are they the giant monument signs over the highway, the sleek storefront signs, or perhaps 3D channel letter signs at the prime locations?

Outdoor advertising, or out-of-home (OOH) advertising, is an integral part of Toronto's businesses, which want to establish a strong market presence in the city's cutthroat business environment.

This blog highlights the power of outdoor advertising, exploring the various types you can commonly find in Toronto's streets.

What is outdoor advertising, and what is its power in Toronto's market?

Outdoor advertising encompasses various formats, such as building signs, storefronts, digital screens, dimensional signs, etc., that entice customers once they step out of their homes. In Toronto, this advertising format plays a significant role in the city's high traffic and diverse population.

Once a company strategically places these outdoor signs in Toronto in high-visibility and prime locations, commuters and pedestrians will notice them repeatedly, strengthening brand messages and identity effectively.

Outdoor advertising has been a cornerstone of marketing strategies for decades. Though digital ads outshine them these days, their importance can't be overlooked in Toronto's diverse market. These ads are unavoidable, making them a persistent presence in business environments.

Moreover, they work 24/7 without taking breaks, offering continuous exposure and brand reinforcement in Toronto's highly competitive market. Over the past few years, new technological advancements and creative approaches have changed the outdoor advertising landscape, incorporating conventional methods and state-of-the-art digital formats.

Types of outdoor advertising in Toronto’s market

The markets of Toronto are jam-packed with various types of outdoor advertisements, each offering distinct purposes and targeting specific demographics. Let’s take a look at some popular outdoor advertisements you encounter in Toronto’s busy streets.

Building Signs

Building signs are prime advertisements in Toronto's diverse business landscapes. They not only make navigation easier but also help consumers recall the brand.

These signs are commonly placed in office buildings, retail stores, and cultural institutions. Building signs are large and attention-grabbing and often come up with intriguing visual elements. You should incorporate your company's logo, tagline, and message clearly into the design and place them tactfully so that the signs can be visible even from afar.

Channel letter signs

These signs are highly appreciated by business owners who want to create a striking visual impact. They feature individual letters or characters, typically illuminated from within or around the edges, making them extremely visible even in low-light conditions.

Restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment ventures primarily use these signs. Diversity is one of the prime aspects of these signs, allowing customization for fonts, sizes, and colors. Companies have flexibility with this signage solution as they customize the signs according to their brand persona.

Dimensional signs

If you are looking for out-of-the-box signage designs, 3D dimensional signs could be the best choice for your business.

These signs take your signage endeavor to the next level by adding a sense of depth and texture to your monotonous flat signs. They are made of various materials, such as metal, wood, and acrylic, and can be mounted directly onto building walls or freestanding structures.

These signs are extremely popular with high-end businesses, art galleries, and boutique shops that want to convey a sense of elegance and sophistication. The added dimension not only improves the aesthetic look of the sign but also enhances the sign's legibility and impact.

Hanging signs

As the name suggests, these signs are typically suspended from brackets or poles. The signs are placed perpendicularly to the building fascia, enhancing their visibility to pedestrians and motorists.

These signs are prevalent in Toronto's historic areas and shopping centres, where they give a charming and old-world aesthetic. Hanging signs can be single or double-sided and are also commonly used by rustic cafes, boutiques, and speciality shops to attract plenty of foot traffic from sideways.

Monument Signs

These ground-level structured signs offer a robust and stable presence. These signs are made of sturdy materials like stone, brick, or metal and are often placed at the entrances of business centres, residential communities, and institutional premises.

Apart from offering branding, these signs are landmarks, guiding customers to their destinations. Monument signs in Toronto are designed meticulously by signage experts to reflect the surrounding environment's architectural style, improving their overall aesthetic appeal.

Pylon signs

Pylon signs are gigantic, freestanding structures that can be easily noticeable from certain distances. This makes them popular choices for businesses in Toronto, which are located near highways and busy streets.

These signs have multiple panels, permitting different businesses within a commercial complex or shopping centre to advertise collectively. You can notice pylon signs in commercial areas and near large retail shops in Toronto. Due to their excessive height and visibility, these signs capture the attention of passersby and drive a chunk of customers to establishments.

Real estate signs

Do you run a property business in Toronto? Real estate signs are ideal for your business when you are concerned about property sales and rentals.

These signs include relevant information and attract impending buyers or tenants. In Toronto, real estate signs are paramount in residential and commercial complexes, highlighting properties listed for sale, lease, or open house events.

 The signs play a noteworthy role in Toronto's diverse real estate market, guiding agents and property owners to communicate availability and offer key information to passersby.

Storefront signs

Storefront signs are inevitable for retail businesses. You can place them directly either in front of the store or near the entrance.

These signs play a vital role in company's branding and attract relevant customers. Toronto's retail markets are crammed with storefront signs range from humble vinyl decals on windows to elaborate illuminated signs with elaborate designs.

Effective storefront signs portray the credibility of retail businesses, inspiring customers to step inside.

Yard signs

Are you looking for temporary signage solutions to promote your upcoming events or campaigns? Yard signs are temporary signs that are placed on lawns or green spaces, often used for brief campaigns or events.

Yard signs are commonly noticed during election seasons, community events, and real estate activities. They are not only cost-effective and easy to install but also offer the highest visibility to pedestrians and drivers.

The future of outdoor advertising

The future of outdoor advertising in Toronto is scintillating and more interactive due to technological advancements and data analytics.

By infusing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques, outdoor signs will offer more customized and targeted campaigns, improving the efficiency of outdoor ads. Moreover, the thriving growth of digital formats will provide advertisers with innovative ways to engage with customers in public places.


When it comes to versatility and brand awareness, nothing can beat the power of outdoor advertisements. These powerful ad mediums directly reach customers where they live, work, and play.

From pylon signs to interactive storefronts, each type of outdoor advertisement comes up with own sets of advantages and opportunities for customer engagement.

As new technological innovations emerge, the landscape of outdoor advertising will thrive, offering endless possibilities for advertisers to connect with targeted audiences in intriguing and memorable ways. Whether you are a seasoned marketer in Toronto, want to strengthen your advertising strategy or are just a consumer inquisitive about the ads you meet daily, knowing the types of outdoor advertising can provide meaningful insights into this dynamic era.

Are you confused about which type of outdoor advertisement will work for your Toronto-based business? Consult with Signs Depot, an eminent signage company in Toronto. We have in-depth industry knowledge and experience in the signage field.

We assess your business requirements first and then offer the best outdoor solutions according to your objectives and targeted demographics. We also offer indoor, custom, digital, and vehicle wraps so that businesses in Toronto can flourish and achieve their goals.


What is the cost range for different types of outdoor advertising?

Your outdoor advertisement costs may vary based on the type of advertisement, location, and duration. The cost of billboard ads could be around $500 to $5000 in popular cities like Canada, Mississauga, and Vancouver. The cost of channel letter signs could be around $3000. If you go for real estate signs, it will be around $28.

How do I choose the right type of outdoor advertising for my campaign?

You should choose the right type of advertising based on your targeted demographics, budget, and campaign goals. If you want high visibility and broad mileage, channel letter signs could be the best option. For targeting commuters, monument signs or hanging signs could be the perfect choice. Digital displays are the right choice to make your customers more engaged with your content.

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