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Signage Secrets: How Signs Depot Creates Eye-Catching Outdoor Displays

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November 10, 2023
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Do you know that the market cap for outdoor signage has grown to $35 billion in Canada? This is because almost every business today understands the need for outdoor displays to attract and retain customers. Interestingly, outdoor displays are a strong medium to connect with your customer’s personalities.

That is why, Signs Depot focuses on creating high-quality exterior signs. Also, we consider durability and weatherproof outdoor advertising to serve each need.  

In this article, let’s explore the secrets behind how SignsDepot create appealing outdoor displays. We will also cover the end-to-end SignsDepot’s working process starting right from client interaction and ending with customer feedback. 

What Makes Signs Depot’s Outdoor Signs Stand Out From Its Competitors?

Outdoor signs are a great way to promote your brand as it is going to boost 60% of sales in the coming years. While it is true that every signage company promises the best designs for your outdoor display, the reality may seem far distant in other aspects. 

We understand the challenges of businesses looking for quality, visuals, durability, and versatility under a specific budget. For that matter, Signs Depot offers everything under one umbrella by offering comprehensive and personalized services. 

Let us explore SignsDepot’s working process to create the best outdoor sign designs for any business. 

Consultation Meetings with Every Client:

Our approach is simple and transparent. We believe in effective communication to better understand your goals and challenges related to signage. For this reason, our team follow a standard process to talk to you over the phone, in person or by e-mail. 

We have a consultation team of experts who engage in open-ended discussions to learn the following:

  • Whether you have a specific purpose for designing outdoor signage or is it just for marketing?
  • Whether you have a specific target audience or is it for a broad audience?
  • We learn about the business name, type and the core message that you may want to convey through outdoor billboards.
  • If you have a specific design or materials that convey your brand’s personality. 
  • Your final budget and prior negotiations. 
  • Deadlines to complete the work

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Sketch Designs for Outdoor Display

After a careful understanding of your concerns, we begin the process of designing the outdoor displays. For that matter, our team of designers sketch out the design to experiment with different styles. 

Once a final sketch is completed, we use design software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Adobe InDesign, or Canva. While doing so, we also pay minute attention to the core design elements like:

Font Selection: 

Our designers use Calibri style font and adjust the font size as per the size of the signboard. We ensure that the size of the font is easily readable for passersby, while also avoiding too large or too small fonts that may lead to bad impressions. 


The choice of colours on outdoor signs is a key to convey your message. That is why, we pick a contrast in colours to highlight the brand name. While choosing dark backgrounds, we pick bright font colours to make your brand name and message readable. 


Our experts are familiar with the current trends to present the best in front of you. So, when choosing graphics for your business, we pick minimalist designs for schools, healthcare institutions, and commercial offices. Contrary to this, we also approach bold designs for cafes, shopping malls, and creative storefronts.  

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Plan out on diverse material needs:

We follow the uses of eco-friendly and recyclable materials like wood, aluminium, LED light, and plywood. Additionally, we also use acrylic and vinyl for large-format printing to promote sustainable products for Brampton-specific businesses. 

Client Testimonial:“We were happy to receive the unique 3D outdoor display from SignsDepot for our store ‘Chef’s Door’. It is one of the best signage companies in Brampton as it understands your needs for a 3D design that also matches our eco-friendly meal concept.’’

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Printing and final creation:

We begin the process of printing the designs only after the final client approval. Soon after approval, our printing professionals convert the design into a suitable format with high resolution for error-free printing. Alongside, we take care of other printing elements like the design location on printed paper, printing method and final finishing. 

Once we are satisfied with the printing, we start with the final production. Therein, we start with cutting and moulding the large sheets of material into the appropriate size, length, and shape.

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Review site surroundings and obtain necessary permits.

The next step after final creation and before installation is to review the location of the exterior sign. Our technicians ensure a safe environment for your outdoor signs to avoid any issues or delays during the installation. For this matter, we take a dig into the following matters:

A close look at the surroundings: 

We visit your business location to assess the spot that suits the display size and does not impact the surroundings. We also see if the chosen spot for outdoor signage is visible to everyone. Also, we inspect further to choose a place to avoid any buildings or trees.

We prioritise target audience attention:

We check the location to find out if it is a busy area to attract attention. Again we also see if the outdoor display is easily visible even at a distance. 

External environment:

We take our time to look for the weather within the locality and see if additional support is needed. Apart from using weather-resistant materials that can sustain harsh weather, we consider other things too. 

Our team takes extra care to find a weatherproof location, ensure proper sealing, and use anti-glare coatings on displays to avoid harmful light. 

Permissions from local authorities:

We understand safety and compliance for your business and so we assure only the best from our end. For that matter, we obtain necessary zoning permits, environment safety permits, sign permits, and electrical permits to ensure that we meet Brampton-specific regulations. 

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Installation after necessary checks

We step forward towards installation after a mutual discussion with our clients. In this process, we install the displays at the chosen spot. Moreover, we consider immediate testing to check the functions of electrical components if installed in display boards. And to install the outdoor signs within the specific measurements. 

Necessary customer support service

SignsDepot is a signage company that provides 24/7 assistance for any issues after installing exterior signs. Apart from that, we guarantee a warranty on our displays depending on the type and display size. 

Welcome constructive feedback from the clients

We don’t shy away from customers who respond and provide their valuable feedback. That is why, our team will always welcome your thoughts on the entire process of design and installation. Also, we are open to your suggestions for further improvement. 

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It is therefore clear that SignsDepot covers consultation, designing, printing, site evaluation, installation and customer support all in one place. We don’t focus solely on the numbers but also encourage a customer-centric approach. 

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