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Pylon Signs vs. Monument Signs: Choosing the Right Option for Your Business

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March 22, 2024

Signage plays a conspicuous role when it comes to the visibility and awareness of a company. An indigenously created sign not only makes a strong first impression of your business but also manifolds its profits and sales.

When you plan for signage to boost your business growth, you must choose the right one, as the options are unfathomable. When you start shopping, you will realize that two types of signs will do the right job for the betterment of your business. Initially, both pylon and monument signs will give the same visibility and results. But which one is slightly better for one company? Both will portray your company's logo and brand image; how do you differentiate these two?

Well, you came to the right place. This blog explains the difference between pylon and monument signs, which will improve your business's results.

Now, no more confusion; you need this to make a final call for your business.

What are Pylon Signs?

Often known as freeway signs, pylon signs are towering edifices usually mounted on single or multiple poles.

Since these surroundings are elevated from the landscape, they offer maximum visibility even at a distance. Pylon signs often come up with large, enthralling displays where you can include different messages to enhance brand awareness.

Pylon signs are commonly used along highways, interstates, and busy streets. These areas are mostly visited by motorists, pedestrians, and other traffic. Placing pylon signs here will ensure maximum visibility during traffic.

Advantages of Pylon Signs:

High Visibility

Pylon signs are highly popular among business owners due to their unmatched visibility.  Located at higher vantage points, they can be noticed from afar. These signs are perfect for businesses adjacent to highways or high-populated areas. Several studies have proved that pylon signs are 90% more effective than other conventional ground signs.


When it comes to design and messaging, nothing surpasses pylon signs due to their versatility. These signs are spacious, so businesses can customize them as per their requirements. You will get adequate space to incorporate logos, graphics, and text to communicate your exact brand identity and offerings.

Multi-Tenant Capabilities:

It is another advantage of pylon signs. Due to their multi-tenant capabilities, they are highly appreciated by small entrepreneurs.

For companies located within shopping centres or commercial places, pylon signs allow them to share the advertising space with co-owners.

Multiple tenants can be highlighted on a single eye-catching sign, uplifting exposure and minimizing individual advertising expenses.

24/7 Advertising:

Pylon signs are illuminated, improving their visibility throughout 24X7. They are silent ambassadors of your company that ensure visibility and attractions even after sunset. Pylon signs are unmatchable in improving foot traffic and brand awareness.

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What are Monument Signs?

As their name suggests, these low-profile sign structures are positioned at ground level.

These signs are known for their robust construction and architectural detailing. They also blend impeccably with the surrounding landscape. Monument signs work as elegant markers for companies, directing visitors to the designated areas with elegance and sophistication.

Advantages of Monument Signs:

Aesthetic look and feel

Businesses prefer these signs due to their aesthetic look and architectural elegance. These signs are made up of durable materials such as stone, brick, or concrete. When you make monument signs from reputed sign shops, they exhibit permanence and professionalism. These signs truly add a touch of visual appeal to any property.

Brand Identity

Are you looking for a platform to portray your brand identity? Monument signs are the best options in this context. They exude a true brand identity and establish a sense of place.

From engraved logos to dimensional lettering, companies will get plenty of options to customize their requirements.

Enhanced Landscaping

 With monument signs, you will also get opportunities for landscaping and greenery. If you can embellish the surrounding of the signage with lush foliage, flowers, or decorative items, they will make your sign more appealing and welcoming.

Localized Targeting:

Pylon signs are designed to cater to the needs and requirements of motorists and passersby in major traffic areas, but monument signs are ideal for targeting local foot traffic.

These signs can quickly gain the attention of pedestrians and nearby residents. They drive a particular crowd or engagement to your establishment.

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How do you choose the right sign for your business?

Now, you have adequate ideas regarding the features and benefits of pylon and monument signs. You must evaluate the following factors to choose the best one for your business.

Height: Do you want to make your business signs visible from very far away? Pylon signs could be the best option due to their gigantic size (starting from 20 feet). If placed strategically near highways, they give you the maximum visibility and benefits. On the other hand, monument signs are grounded and 5 feet tall. They are ideal to place in front of hospitals or hotels.

Location: You can choose the right sign depending on the location of your business.

If your business is situated near highways or other major roads, nothing can surpass the visibility of pylon signs. Pylon signs will attract pedestrians, drivers, etc.

However, if you are located in a shopping complex or a shared neighborhood, a monument sign could be the best choice to attract the attention of localized traffic.

Brand Identity:

Choose a sign that completely portrays your brand identity and message in front of audiences. Do you want to give your signs a touch of modernity, or do you prefer a conventional and elegant appeal?

Pylon signs blend seamlessly with the surrounding graphics and dynamic displays, while monument signs shine in portraying architectural detailing and artistry.

Space Requirements

Do you want to utilize every bit of your signage strategy, even the available space for signage installation? Pylon signs are gigantic; you can include much information under one roof. However, they should abide by the zoning regulations to ensure visibility and awareness.

Though handy, monument signs require less space. They are ideal for properties with inadequate space or architectural restraints.


Before making the final decision, you should gauge your budgetary constraints and long-term objectives. While pylon signs may entail higher upfront costs due to their colossal size and structural necessities, monument signs are flexible with optimum expenses over time.


Both pylon and monument signs have their unique upsides and downsides, but both are paramount for your business. Depending on your budget, promotional strategies, brand objectives, targeted communities, location, etc., you should choose the right signage solution that is aligned with your business requirements.

You should also consult with experts from Signs Depot, a reputed sign shop in Toronto. Our experts will advise whether you need Toronto monument signs or Pylon signs to establish a strong presence among local communities.

By carefully evaluating the advantages of each sign solution and considering prime factors such as visibility, aesthetics, and budget, you can make a wise choice that will elevate your brand presence and make your brand memorable among users.


Can pylon signs and monument signs be customized to fit my branding and design preferences?

Both signs can be tailored according to your business requirements, audience, design, and messaging information. Professional sign companies like Signs Depot offer clients various designs, materials, finishes, and lighting solutions. These elements will portray your exact brand identity and improve visibility and presence.

What maintenance considerations should I be aware of for pylon and monument signs?

You need to maintain your signs regularly to maximize their visibility and benefits. Maintenance tasks may include cleaning, repainting, replacing bulbs or LED modules, repairing structural damage, and ensuring proper electrical connections. Try to collaborate with a sign company that will take care of your signs and ensure they are functioning correctly.

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