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What are Lobby Signs?

Whether you are looking to improve your brand's identity and want to set the tone for the entire customer experience, then lobby signs are the perfect option for your business.

These signs are eye-catching sign that easily grabs customers attention. To make a good impression on visitors and customers these signs can show the company's name, and logo.

Well-design lobby signage is the way to gain more customers, so if you want that one sign we can help you, Signs Depot offers a wide range of lobby signs Bolton City, Ontario to help all types of businesses.

Lobby signs are a great way to promote your business, they also help visitors and customers to find their way and share important pieces of information.


    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of Lobby Signs

    We can create custom lobby signs according to your specific signage needs.

    3D Lobby Signs for Crater Company

    3D Lobby Signs

    To compete with your competitors in your specific industry, it is important to create a professional and memorable workplace with stunning signs. 3D lobby signs have a three-dimensional appearance that helps to stand out from others.

    To create a raised effect these signs are made from various materials like metal, foam, or acrylic that give a modern and impressive look to the company's name, brand, and logo. 3D lobby signage enhances the ambiance of the reception area and leaves a lasting impact on visitors.

    Acrylic Lobby Signs

    Acrylic lobby signs are placed up at the entrance of a building, and these signs are clear and strong than others. These acrylic lobby signs are made from acrylic which are tough and see-through.

    These signs enhance the overall look of the reception area and they leave a lasting impression on visitors or customers. Whether you are looking to create a positive or welcoming vibe for your business then these acrylic lobby signs are perfect for you.

    Acrylic Lobby Signs for SPA & BEAUTY
    Backlit Lobby Signs for offices in Brampton

    Backlit Lobby Signs

    Backlit lobby signs can showcase your brand's identity and leave a memorable impact on your customers or visitors and these signs add a touch of elegance to the entrance area.

    These signs are made from translucent materials and if you want that one sign with high-quality material, then Signs Depot provides lobby signs Bolton to enhance your business visibility.

    Metal Lobby Signs

    For those businesses who looking for modern and durable solutions for their lobbies, these metal lobby signs are perfect solutions for them.

    With their sleek and modern look, these signs are able to withstand wear and tear. These metal lobby signs can improve the overall look of any modern workplace and help to attract customers.

    Metal Lobby Signs for Thirty Three in Brampton

    What is the use of lobby signs?

    • A lobby sign serves as a visual aid, establishing a strong first impression after visitors enter the space.
    • Lobby signs provide clear directions to guests and enhance navigation efficiency as they direct them to the correct office, department, and room.
    • Lobby signs reinforce a company's identity and convey professionalism by using stunning graphics and branding elements.
    • These signs are an effective way to promote products and services and any events to leave a great impact on visitors and customers.

    What is The Cost of Lobby Signage?

    There are multiple factors to decide the cost of lobby signs including:

    • Size and dimensions
    • Materials of the Signs
    • Mounting methods
    • Installation of the Signs

    At Signs Depot, we provide stunning lobby signs in Bolton City, Ontario as per your signage needs and also according to your budget.

    To ensure the best signage solutions for your business Signs Depot closely work with you. Whether you are looking to create simple or complex signs for your business, signs depot can help you.

    Ready to Create a First Impression with Lobby Signs?

    As the best sign company in Bolton, Ontario, Signs Depot provides a signage solution that will give you years of benefits and also help to leave lasting impressions on your potential customers and visitors.

    Our aim is to provide solutions to businesses that help them to grow their business that's why we have an expert team of sign makers who create signs with high-quality material and also with the new technology.

    Whether you are looking for simple to complicate signs for your business we can help you. So contact us today and get a FREE consultation for your signage requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are lobby signs?

    A lobby sign is any sign that displays a business name and logo in a reception area or lobby. They welcome visitors, convey your brand image, and can give directions that improve customer experience. Lobby signs can be designed in many ways to give the right first impression of your business.

    What is the lobby sign made of?

    Lobby signs can be made of several materials, including vinyl, foam, metal, and acrylic. The material the team at Signs Depot will recommend depends on where you want to place your sign, such as hanging it on the wall. It also depends on whether or not you want it illuminated.

    Why do we need lobby signs?

    Lobby signs have many uses. First, they welcome visitors to your building and let them know they’re in the right place. Second, lobby signs are frequently used to give directions, so visitors know how to get where they need to.  A lobby sign may also be used to indicate important information about your company, like its history.

    How do you make lobby signs?

    At Signs Depot, we create our custom signs in-house. We use only premium materials and work with trusted suppliers if we need specialty work for your lobby sign. Our sign design process starts by working with each client to understand their needs, then incorporating their logo and preferred colours into the sign. Each sign is made according to your needs.

    Are lobby signs durable?

    Yes! Lobby signs may see a lot of use. Acrylic is a preferred material for many clients because it’s lightweight, durable, and customizable. Although acrylic has the appearance of fragile and delicate glass, it’s a cast polymer plastic that is very strong.

    Are reception signs and lobby signs the same?

    Although the reception area is in the lobby of many buildings, lobby signs and reception signs are slightly different. A lobby sign is larger and often is the first thing that a visitor will see. Reception signs are at the reception desk and typically have the company name and logo.

    Where can I place lobby signs in my business?

    A lobby sign can be placed in the lobby of the building and on each floor of the building. Lobby signs may be affixed to a wall. Acrylic, which is lightweight and easy to hang, is a great material. You can also build a pedestal lobby sign with directions on two sides.

    Are lobby signs good for offices?

    Yes! A lobby sign can help preserve the quiet and peaceful ambiance of a professional office, giving visitors directions to different departments or private offices within your larger space. Office lobby signs can also provide instructions for visitors, such as where to check in for an appointment.

    How much do lobby signs cost?

    The cost of your lobby sign depends on several things. Signs Depot makes each client's signs just for them, according to the size specifications and special features, such as illumination. Mounting may increase the cost, and different materials have different costs. We provide a custom quote for your signs that itemizes everything.

    Where can I buy lobby signs in Brampton?

    Signs Depot is the best choice for professionally created lobby signs in Brampton. We use various materials to give you a fully customized product, one that you’re proud for your customers to see.

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