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What are Business Signs?

Business signs are signs used by companies to display their name, logo, or information about their products and services. They help businesses attract customers and create brand visibility.

They are essential for small and big businesses, as they improve brand recognition and attract customers, leading to business success. Business signs can be displayed in different places, including storefronts, offices, trade shows, events, and even on vehicles.

Whether your business is big or small, Signs Depot can create your signage according to your needs, we provide the best business signs Bolton, ON, that will be a powerful marketing strategy.


    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of Business Signs

    Exterior Business Signs

    Commercial Pylon Signs in Brampton

    Pylon Signs

    Pylon signs are tall structures often placed near highways to catch the eye of passersby. These outdoor business signs are made from materials like aluminum, acrylic, or steel.

    The height of pylon signs is a significant advantage, making them perfect for businesses in high-traffic areas. Their towering presence helps them stand out and attract potential customers even from afar.

    Whether it's a shopping center, restaurant, or gas station, pylon signs play a vital role in guiding people to your location and increasing brand visibility.

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    Channel Letters

    Channel letter signs are three-dimensional signs mounted directly onto a building for an impactful and bold display.

    Channel letters made from durable materials like aluminum or acrylic, these signs offer businesses a highly customizable option.

    With their eye-catching and dimensional design, channel letter signs are an excellent choice for businesses seeking to leave a lasting impression.

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    Channel Letters Custom Business Signs for CAFE
    Awnings Signs for Restaurant in Brampton


    Awning signs are signs that hang or attach to a building's awning, which is a roof-like cover over a doorway or window.

    Awning signs help businesses show their names, logos, or special offers to attract customers and let people know what the business is about. They also provide shade and protection from the weather, making them useful additions to storefronts.

    Business awnings signs are an affordable method to improve the look of a building. If you are looking to add a unique artistic to your business the Signs Depot can help you, we offer creative business signs Bolton City to build your business.

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    Interior Business Signs

    Lobby Signs

    Lobby signs are signs that are set up inside a building's main entrance or lobby. They are also commonly known as reception signs or entrance signs.

    Lobby signs can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, wood, acrylic, or plastic. They can be brightened with lights for more visibility, especially in dark places.

    Businesses can create a good and professional feel with the help of attractive and well-designed signs, making a lasting impact on clients, customers, and visitors.

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    Custom Interior Lobby Signs for Offices
    Indoor Hanging Wayfinding Signs in Brampton

    Wayfinding Signs

    Wayfinding signs are types of signs that help you find your way around in places like malls, airports, hospitals, offices and big buildings.

    These signs are designed with simple symbols, clear directions, and easy-to-understand arrows to help you find your way without getting confused.

    Wayfinding signs are important for businesses because they improve the customer experience, build trust and loyalty, and save valuable time for everyone.

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    Wall Murals

    Wall murals are a great way for businesses to beautify their space and show off their personality. It's like adding a splash of creativity and happiness to the walls!

    Wall murals can transform plain walls into eye-catching centrepieces. They improve the overall look of an area.

    Using wall murals in businesses helps to create a cool and inviting atmosphere. Wall murals also create a unique feel that stands out in the business and leaves a positive impression on customers.

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    Vinyl Wall Murals for Office Walls

    What is The Cost of Business Signs?

    There are different types of the best business signs, and their cost depends on several factors, including:

    • The Size of the Sign
    • The Material of the Sign
    • The Design of the Sign
    • The Installation of the Sign
    • The Lighting of the Sign

    At Signs Depot, we offer a wide range of top-quality business signs. As a top sign company in Bolton, Ontario, our team works closely with you and ensures that you get the perfect signs to enhance your business visibility and success.

    Ready to Transform Your Business with Business Signs?

    As a leading sign company, we provide top-quality signage solutions from production to installations for your business. We work closely with our customers to ensure their needs and we create signs that leave an impact on their customers and give long-term benefits to their business.

    We have a team of expert sign makers who will create your signs with the best quality and also with the new technology, come and discover our business signs Bolton. Our main aim is customer satisfaction.

    Looking to create the perfect sign for your business? Start your signage journey with a FREE consultation from our sign experts. Contact us today!

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