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What are Building Signs?

Building signs are physical signs that are attached to the outside of the building. They can be built from a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, and metal. These signs can be either lit or non-illuminated.

The purpose of these building signs is to get attention from customers and give information about your brand or business. The building sign also helps build trust with customers.

A well-designed building sign can make a strong impact, leaving a positive image of your brand. If you are looking to build your brand's identity and earn trust, then we can help you because we offer the best building sings Bolton City, Ontario to help businesses.


    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of Creative Building Signs

    Lighted Channel Letter Building Sign for Popular Pizza

    Channel Letters

    Channel letters are bold and eye-catching signs often seen on the front of buildings. These letters are hollow and have LED lighting inside, allowing them to glow at night.

    Each letter is separate and has its own shape, usually made of acrylic, metal or plastic. These signs are an effective way to promote a business and make it stand out from the competition.

    Channel letters come in various sizes, colours, and fonts, so businesses can choose the style that fits their brand.

    Window Graphics

    Window graphics are also known as window decals or stickers. They are mostly used for advertising, branding, or giving information.

    They come in various styles and can be easily removed or customized. With their vibrant colours and creative designs, window graphics create an inviting and professional look for businesses.

    Window graphics are widely used by retailers, restaurants, offices, and various other businesses to create a welcoming and attractive storefront. To make your property more valuable Signs Depot provides building signs Bolton, ON, and also gives an affordable service to improve your business.

    Vinyl Window Graphics for Stores in Brampton
    Awning Business Signs for Browns in Brampton

    Awning Signs

    Awning signs are signs that are attached to an awning, which is a fabric or canvas roof that goes over the entrance of a building or store.

    These signs are placed on the front side of the awning and face outward. They make the storefront look more attractive and can enhance the overall look of the whole street or shopping area.

    Awning signs are a popular choice for businesses because they create a friendly environment and draw people's attention.

    Why building signs essential for business?

    • Eye-catching building signage with attractive designs successfully leads people to your business location, making a strong first impression.
    • Building signs with your brand name and logo that are well-designed increase brand visibility and authenticity, and build trust among potential customers.
    • Investing in high-quality signs made of long-lasting materials ensures years of effective advertising and a low-cost marketing solution.
    • Custom building signs designed specifically for your brand and target audience help attract the right customers, resulting in more visitors and business success.

    The Cost of Building Signs

    The cost of building sign depends on many factors because there are different types of signs available in the market. Here are those factors that decide the cost of signs.

    • Design of the sign
    • Size of the sign
    • Material of the sign
    • Installation of the sign and more.

    These signs play an important role in promoting business. As a leading sign company in Bolton, Ontario, we offer customized sign solutions that perfectly fit your business needs and budget.

    Ready to Step Up Your Business with Building Signs?

    For all your signage needs, look no further than Signs Depot. As a trusted building signs company, we offer a wide range of sign types to support various businesses.

    Our main goal is to offer the right signs to help your business succeed. That's why we work hard to understand and meet the specific needs of your business.

    Our expertly designed signs are made to leave a lasting impression on your target audience, helping your business in staying on top. As the signs company, we create building signs in Bolton City, Ontario to cater to your all signage needs.

    Contact our sign experts today to get a FREE consultation and start your exciting signage journey right away.

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